Meet Chris W. Robertson

  • Early Years in the Workshop

    I have been involved with woodworking throughout my entire life. As a child in Baltimore MD, I worked in my grandfather's woodshop where I discovered basic hand tools for the first time. While those early projects were quite simple and rather crudely constructed, they got me excited about woodworking and encouraged me to test my limits. During highschool at St. Paul’s School for Boys, I completed my first serious woodworking project, an electric guitar. While that first guitar has it flaws, I still play it today. From there I went on to study everything I could find on the subject of luthiery. During each summmer at Dickinson College I returned to the shop to make another guitar, each one a refinement of my previous designs.

  • Formal Training

    Following graduation, after brief stint as a laboratory assistant, I took a job with the Hubbard Cabinetmakers, LLC. It was there that I took an interest in American reproduction furniture and learned to cut traditional joinery with hand tools. I also performed architectural woodwork from a furniture maker’s perspective and learned a great deal about classic Greek architectural forms and orders. I learned how to select wood for grain color and direction in order to make the most visually appealing piece as well as the most structurally sound piece possible.

  • Dedication to Detail

    Throughout my years in woodworking, I have learned that attention to detail is everything - and I love the details. The more complex the piece the more excited I am to make it; nothing is better than knowing that the joint you just cut fits precisely or that your carving is crisp and refined. In each piece I strive to meet my own standards even when I know I am obsessing over a detail the customer may never notice. I feel confident that my furniture is among the finest made and I am certain you will agree.

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